These are our favorite recordings that Kelly Emery has collaborated on trumpet over the years starting since 2010.

The Weigh

Jazz Funk Flamenco Hip-Hop Reggae Jam Folk….The Weigh is a talented troupe of traveling troubadours put on this planet to make you move. We are inspired by all forms of art, but as far as music goes we like Devotchka, Santana, Dave Brubeck, Dream Theatre, Miles Davis, Shpongle, Jaga jazzist, Bonobo, Quantic (in all forms), Flying Lotus, Fleet Foxes, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Joao Giberto (and Astrud, relax), Phish, Air, Herbie Hancock, Jaco Pastorius, Snarky Puppy and so many others that if we even tried to compile them into a list you would get bored and look at someone elses page. We believe in action. We worship movement. We are married to the groove. We will play at your house party!!

Busters Ghost

Rigidly handsome, these boys are all about the skank (musical term for the up beat). Their horn powered, drum line styled, back beat ska sound will force a smile on the face and a groove in the step. Since 2012 Busters Ghost has been Durango, Colorado’s premier reggae rhythm and punk-beat stylist. They are hear to stay. Their ire ratchet have led them to share the stage with The Toasters, Reel Big Fish, Be Like Maxx, The Nuns of Brixton, Warsaw Poland Bros, Alpha School Marm Orchestra, and more. Do not hesitate to meet the band after the show or reach up and provoke the guitarist during.

Diabolical Sound Platoon

Hiphop-influenced local band Diabolical Sound Platoon, born in the 90’s and originated with OB1 lyricizing over homemade songs derived from loops and samples. Today the band has evolved into and group of five talented instrumentalist with OB1 and The Prestidigitator holding it down as Master of Ceremonies.


Years ago in 2009, the band SoB from Durango, CO, entered the studio six members strong. SoB, a ska band with rock and metal roots consisted of tenor sax Timmy Esposito, piano Chris Cooke, tuba Robert Chrisman, guitarist, Julian Martinez and James Estelle, trombone Cliff Fowler, and drummer Danny Walters. The album never released, though fully recorded, and citing artistic differences the band separated leaving three members left to form a band with a new attitude.
More Members dropped off the wagon when new bassist Arron Williams prepared for college and left for California. With no drummer or bassist, another album incomplete; the band was like a scene Mad Max. SoNar replaced the bassist yet again with Phil Laudermilk Frazier in an attempt to keep it going and pull together for a few gigs, but by Christmas 2012 the band was dead.
SoNar performed at the 2012 Banditos Biker Rally and was asked to play an even bigger stage in Mancos, CO the following year. On July 3rd, 2013, SoNar had confirmed their slot at the Sugar Pine Ranch Rally, a biker rally in Mancos. The band reformed with added members Kelly Emery on trumpet and Cooper Travis on the drums and their performance was scoped out by the head of the Nantucket Music Festival, MA. SoNar vowed to finish the album due to their success at the rally. With only a few months left before Julian’s unexpected departure the band finished recording began the mixing and mastering stages.
On July 19, 2014 SoNar’s debut album Libra was released. With 11 tracks on the CD and a playtime of 42 minutes, the collaboration and talents of 11 total members (two guitarists, two bassists, and three drummers) SoNar Libra was so gnarly, bra! The CD release party was thrown at Moe’s Starlight Lounge in Durango, CO. Our gratitude goes out to all that have made this CD possible with their ‘fanatic’ support, their venues, their tremendous ears.
SoNar’s exposure at the Sugar Pine Ranch Rally had received a wide reception and the band was accepted at the 1st Nantucket Music Festival and would be loading into a rental 11-person-van to depart for a mini-tour in just short of a week. On July 25th SoNar left Durango for two shows in Colorado Springs, CO, one in Kenosha, WI, and three knockout performances in Nantucket, MA.

“World War 3”


Cactopus is a dark yet whimsical band of four residing in Austin, Texas. They incorporate elements from gypsy folk, bluegrass, rockabilly, metal, punk, blues, reggae and indie pop drawing influences from bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, The Devil Makes Three, Radiohead, Primus, The White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Gogol Bordello & Andrew Bird. The lyrics will take you on strange journeys from their post apocalyptic visions to the broken gears of an insane mind.
The band recently finished their first EP, Pesticide Paradise. It’ll get you bat shit crazy on the dance floor.

PJ Moon & The Swappers

PJ Moon and the Swappers is a band formed in Durango, CO in 2017. The Group was formed by bandleader PJ Moon, searching for a troupe of musicians who could help him realize his dream of making new modern rock and soul music with relevant, relatable lyrics on top of innovative rhythm and melodies. With a diverse team of jazz, blues, indie and funk players originally “swapping” out every few shows, the group developed into a core four piece of committed musicians who’ve taken their expression of soul from the west to the east, playing shows in Jackson Hole at the historic Silver Dollar Saloon, and in New York City at famed Times Square club, B.B. Kings.