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Cell phone addiction, Cancer, and Music

A Call to Action

Today we are so bombarded by technology. Recently, I took a 3000 mile road trip and brought a friend with me. It was nice to have someone to help split the expenses of gas but there was something wrong. My road partners eyes were glued to their phone from the start of the trip and seemed to be missing out on the beauty of it all. Usually the copilot assists with conversation and navigation but this was not the case: the majority of their attention was in their phone. If technology really is the future, we need to be objective about when/how we use it. We need to take careful steps not to disassociate to far from reality and the connection we share when we don’t have our phones.

The Cellular Radiation Take Over

In the past I have been addicted to cell phones, television, and video games. I understand the desire we place in these technologies. Born in 1991, when I was about 15 or 16 I got my first phone. It made it so easy to contact friends to make plans or play video games on; I loved it. But then smartphones got smarter and their uses expanded. When I worked for years as a lifeguard people where constantly texting, checking email, and getting on social media instead of paying attention to the safety of beach patrons. Today over half of america owns a phone and campaigns to stop texting while driving are a sad reality. People are dying because of taking “selfies” in dangerous areas. We live in a FOMO (fear of missing out) society where people can control so much of their daily life with technologies like smartphones. There are studies that show these things may causing cancer. We can do so much from our phones. It can be easy to get overwhelmed and let them raise our stress hormones which also may lead to cancer. But I think I have the solution.

Music: A Treatment for Addiction and Cancer

Cell phones emit radio waves which are considered low energy, similar to a microwave. On the other end of the spectrum are X-rays which are high energy. It has been shown that high energy waves are dangerous and cancer forming. Low energy radiation will likely give us problems too if we expose ourselves to a lot of it. In one study they grew plants from seed in two groups. The first group near a cellphone using wifi and the second group away from a cellphone. Group 2 flourished while the 1st group did not grow so well. Recently, it was discovered that cancer could be killed locally with the use of high frequency beams of ultrasound. These frequencies are well above the human hearing range. So what can be said about the low energy side of sound frequencies and how they affect cancer. This is where music comes in and plays a roll in preventing cancerous growth and stress. So how can offset all the radio waves we expose ourselves to on a daily basis? By playing music or exposing ourselves to low energy sound waves!! What better way to satisfy our handheld craving of cellphones and blast cancer than to use a low energy sound medium and a chance to relax with one of these thumb pianos.