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Drumming Is Good For You!

“All musicians know how uplifting the soul becomes after a musical experience. Now pure science is weighing in.” 
— Mickey Hart, Drummer

Why Drum?

Why we Drum is often more important than how we do it (technical skill). Instead of practicing to perfection technical skills for public demonstration, Drumming gives a unique opportunity in changing our cognitive development and interpersonal relationships. How? You might ask. It is a form of meditation.

Group drumming is different because it teaches the performer and listener the harmony of thought and feeling. The fluidity of energy and vibration of the drum produces physiological and neurological changes within the body/mind that center the nervous system and advance us toward better overall health. – Annette Kearl, MA, MT-BC, Director of Infinite Health

Drumming takes a passive letting go of the logical mind and takes a conscious focus on sound, feel, and movement. This lets the drummer live in the current moment. It creates a state of heightened consciences and allows the body to naturally heal. However, the art of drumming is literally hands on and experiential learning is FUN! Similar to the art of story telling music is about the art of musical conversation. The art form is about call and response which is part of spontaneous improv. Anyone can make music and you don’t need technical skills to become one of the greats. Honing in on listening skills will make your responses authentic and limitless. Other than enjoyment, Drumming helps evolve important life skills everyone needs for all sorts of relationships not limited to social and professional.