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Why Is Music Important for Humanity?

Music is a universal language that creates culture, connection, and a sense of belonging. According to studies, music is older than speech. Language came from music. As humans we sometimes forget that we are animals and we have primal energy in all of us that brings out emotions. Music is great for taking us on extraordinary journeys.

Mental Function & Emotional Well Being

Did you know music builds logic skills and brain development. It increases memory capacity, organizational skills, and teaches us how to persevere. Playing music is merry! When we play music it creates confidence, inspires creativity, and self-expression. It reduces anxiety, depression, and lifts your mood. By decreasing stress hormones it ultimately makes people live longer and happier.

Physical Changes

Listening and playing music reduces stress, pain, can lower blood pressure, increase workout performance, and improve sleep. Studies show playing a wind instrument can cure sleep apnea.

Community and Culture

When we create with other people we experience a sense of joy. Performing music with others cultivates critical listening, respect, and sense of belonging that builds culture. It breaks down walls like social barriers and stigma.